Hello! Welcome to my site. I'm so happen you are here!

I am an artist that uses fluid art techniques to create canvas paintings that express Florida themes. The amazing beauty that surrounds us is my inspiration. Giant waves, tides, sea creatures, bamboo gardens, flowers or trees are some of my favorite motifs. 

I use acrylic paints mixed with other ingredients to create my sauces (paint mixtures). Then the paint is poured and moved by a variety of techniques such as air blowing, chain pulling, swiping, tilting and more.

Currently, you can find me every Sunday at the Corey Avenue Sunday Market , located in St Petersburg Beach, Florida.


I highly recommend going there, if you can, because seeing the art in person is best.  It is also nice to get outside, breathe fresh air and buy lots of cool local crafted goodies.

Some of My Fluid Paintings