Hello! Welcome to my site. Wow, I can't believe you found me considering that all of humanity is on the internet.

I am an artist that uses fluid art techniques to create Evocative Art.  Paint is poured, air blown, swiped, spun, dipped and manipulated by many means (including a brush) to create original, one-of-a-kind art. 

The natural beauty of Florida and Tampa Bay are a source of inspiration for my paintings, but my goal is to provoke a memory or emotion that speaks to you like the lyrics of a song.

As such . . .  My Painting is Your Painting!

Currently, you can find me every Sunday at the Corey Avenue Sunday Market , located in St Petersburg Beach, Florida.


I highly recommend going there, if you can, because seeing the art in person is best.  It is also nice to get outside, breathe fresh air and buy lots of cool local crafted goodies. You will also save money on shipping, which is quite expensive these days, unless you are Amazon.

If you can't get to the Corey Avenue Sunday Market, I have this online shop for you. Enjoy!

Some of My Fluid Paintings

St Petersburg FL

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